12oz DRIP $3
Fresh brewed drip coffee
12oz COLD BREW $5
Cold brew coffee served over ice
Double shot of espresso
Double shot and water
Double shot and milk
Double shot and lemonade
LATTE $4.50
Double shot and milk


Vanilla, Caramel, Mocha, Peppermint


Oat, 1/2 & 1/2

Other Beverages

Iced Tea $3

Hot Tea $3

Soda $3

Milk $4

Liquid Death Water $5

Abita Root Beer $5

Juice $5

AM Eats

Papas Bravas $8

Roasted, Spanish-style potatoes, paprika, aioli, scallions

Breakfast Biscuit $6
Scrambled egg, thick-cut bacon, cheddar, honey butter biscuit (sub Bagel or Croissant ($2.00)
Lox on Bagel $13

House-cured lox, capers, red onion, cream cheese, everything bagel
Biscuits & Smoked Pork Gravy $8

Pancakes $8

Smoked maple syrup, seasonal jam

Quiche $8

Seasonal filling

Chicken on a Biscuit $8

Breaded chicken breast on a honey butter biscuit
Potato Rosti $12

Home fries, lox, miso ranch, scallion

Pastry Case

Everything Bagel $5

Toasted, with butter or cream cheese

Muffin $4.50

Assorted Flavors

Honey Butter Biscuit

1 for $3, 2 for $5

Poptart $4.50

Seasonal filling topped with icing

Cinnamon Roll $4.50

Croissant $4.50

Cookie $4.00

Brownie $4.00


Boiled Peanuts $4

Cajun spiced
Pretzel & Beer Cheese $7

PBR Beer Cheese & toasted pretzel roll

Papas Bravas $8
Spanish-style potatoes with paprika, aioli, scallion

Lemon Garlic Hummus $8

Hummus, celery, carrots, toasted bread

Salami Sammy $8

Salami, cheddar, mustard, honey, toasted bread

Pesto & Cheesybread $6

Focaccia & mozzarella with pesto dipping sauce

V.L.T $8

Roasted veggies, aiolo, fresh greens, tomato, toasted bread
Burger $8
Beef burger, cheddar, with
caramelized onion, tepache mustard, on potato roll

Piz’za $8

Marinara, fresh mozzarella, salami, pesto, baked Focaccia

Smoked Wings 6 or 12 $10/ $18

Naked, Buffalo, Garlic Parm, BBQ

Soup & Salad $11

Seasonal, changes frequently

Smoked Fish Dip $12

Seasonal catch, crackers, lemon, house-made hot sauce

Smoked Bratwurst $10

Pork sausage, house-made sauerkraut, tepache mustard, cornichon, pretzel roll

Charcuterie Board $15

Seasonal meats, seasonal cheesees, fruits, nuts, veggies, sauces


House White $7.00/$28.00

Jacob’s Creek Moscato $7.00/$28.00

Ruffino Pinot Grigio $8.00/$32.00

Wente Chardonnay $8.00/$32.00

Matua Sauvignon Blanc $9.00/$36.00

House Red $7.00/$28.00

Barossa GSM Red Blend $8.00/$32.00

Campo Viejo Temranillo $8.00/$32.00

Josh Cabernet Sauvignon $9.00/$36.00

Bodini Malbec $8.00/$32.00

Gambino $7.00/$28.00

Campo Viejo Rose $8.00/$32.00

Santa Marina Prosecco $8.00/$32.00


PBR $4

Yuengling $5

Budweiser $5

Miller Lite $5

Mich Ultra $5

Ace Pear Cider $6

CCB Margarita Gose $6

CCB Jai Alai $6

Coppertail Free Dive $6

Coppertail Night Swim $6

Orignial Sin Black Widow Cider $6

Shiner Bock $6

Weihenstephaner $6

White Claw $6

Antique Alley Amber $7

Stiegl Radler $7

Coppertail Unholy $7

TBBC Reef Donkey $7

7th Sun Grafitti Orange $8

2 Chicks Vodka & Soda $8

KS Green Dart Pilsner $8

NC Old Rastupin $8

Tequila & Soda $8

AC Space Grass $9

Juice Lord $9

Late Start IPA $9


Puttin on the Spritz $9

Martini & Rossi Fiero, orange bitters, bubbles

Espress Yourself $8

Coffee infused wine based vodka, vanilla syrup, cream

Chocolate Martini

Wine based vodka, cream, chocolate sauce

Gria $7

Red & white wine blend, OJ, grapefruit, cinnamon

Lost Keys $8

Tomato juice, vegetable juice, wine based vodka, worcestershire sauce

Mimosa $7

Grapefruit, Guava, Pineapple, O.J.

Strawberry Jalapeno Marg $8

Strawberry jalapeno shrub, agave based wine

Paloma $8

Grapefruit juice, salt, lime, agave based wine

Gimlet $8

Wine based vodka, lime, sugar

Ginuwine $8

Wine based gin, lime sugar salt

Whiskey Sour $8

Wine based Whiskey, lemon, sugar


Orange You Glad It’s N/A $8

Lyres Italian Orange, chamomile & ginger syrup, elderflower tonic, soda

Jalapeno Business $6

Strawberry jalapeno shrub, lemon, basil, spices orange, ginger ale, soda

Nahmaretto Sour $8

Lyres Amerarettto, lemon, sugar

N/A Gria $7

N/A wine, OJ, grapefruit, cinnamon

Bees Knees $8

N/A gin, lime, honey

N/A Beverages

Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher $5

Lagunitas IPNA $6

Kombucha $8

N/A Wine $7

Recess CBD Seltzer $8

Aryloom CBD/THC $9

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